Tomato Basil Pizza (Jessica MacDonald)

FRESH Tomato Basil Pizza

Pre-made Pizza Crust (Boboli Brand)
Olive Oil
Jarred Minced Garlic in Oil
Mozzerella cheese
Pizza Sauce I use Boboli Brand
Parmesan Cheese
2 small oval shaped tomatoes
fresh package of basil leaves
pepperoni (optional)

Preheat oven to 325

Take your pre-made pizza crust and drizzle with olive oil spread on the pizza crust
Take a big heaping scoop of minced garlic and add to the crust. I use a lot I might even add (2) scoops its not as strong as fresh garlic so use a lot and spread all over crust and sprinkle crust with Parmesan.

Bake the crust at (325 -just the crust for 5 minutes - you can add a few more minutes but watch it closely) 

Once the crust has had some time to bake in that flavor, take it out and spread your sauce. Add your mozzerella cheese. Thinly slice the oval tomatoes and spread all over pizza I add a lot of tomato covering every space. Add fresh basil leaves -  but leave half to add after baking. Add pepperoni (optional. I make half with tomato and pepperoni for my son. He doesnt like the basil so I do half tomato and basil for me :) Sprinkle parmesan all over the top.

oval tomatoes are very tasty

Bake again at 325 until cheese is melted about 10 min. If the basil has burnt toss it and add fresh. I always add fresh leaves to the pizza after baking - basil tastes it's very best fresh on this pizza. This is my favorite recipe and its pretty easy. I added lots of short cuts!

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