Bruschetta Pasta (Vanessa Cartier)

Bruschetta Pasta

I have a quick and delicious pasta dish.

I call it Bruschetta Pasta.

It's just cooked pasta (any kind you like, but I prefer to use spirals, bowties, or penne) Chill the pasta after cooking.

Depending on how much pasta you make add either one or two containers of brushetta mix from Trader Joe's. The kind in the refrigerated section not the jar stuff.

Then make a balsamic vinegar reduction by boiling down some balsamic vinegar until it starts to get thick.

Mix all the ingerdients together and chill. If you would like you can add chicken or even buffalo mozzerella balls. ( I always add a little more fresh garlic to mine because I LOVE garlic, but it may be too much for some people.)

Then serve as a side dish or main dish.

Great for potlucks and BBQ's.

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