Hot Dog Doggies (Fallon DuBois)

 Hot Dog Doggies

This is the most adorable recipe. I remembered it from one of Allison DuBois Facebook posts and with her permission I am sharing this adorable recipe her daughter Fallon made all by herself with the help of a fun cookbook!

This is a great project to let your kids try all by themselves, or a fun project to do with your kids! Great for parties or just a fun way to encourage your kids to eat their dinner.

Pillsbury Crescents
Hot Dogs (Inside Rolls and Head)
Sweet Tomato's Sliced Long (for tail)
Cherry Tomato's (Head)
Sliced Pickle's (Ears)
Chopped Black Olives (Eyes)

You Will Need:
Tooth Picks

Preheat oven as Pillsbury Crescents package instructs.
Roll hot dogs in Crescent dough.
Bake as instructed on crescent package
Decorate using ingredients above! Voila!

Our compliments to the Chef! Thank you for the fun share! Can't wait to try this one at home!!


  1. I must say that this one is the result of great creativity. Also useful, plus cost is also less for this.

  2. I completely forgot about this. Thank you so much for posting.