Your Best Valentine's Day Desserts 

When we set out looking for valentines day treat ideas, we thought ...where better than the Martha Stewart website! We were right she had some great ideas. I picked a few selections to share with you that can be done quickly and easily. The thing about Valentines Day is we all want to make impressive treats but we also want our time for romance. Here are some quick and easy shortcuts. 

(All pictures and ideas are from If your feeling really crafty and would like to make the homemade delicious from scratch versions please check out her website :)

Layered Heart Cupcakes

You will need:
silver muffin cups
Pink doilies (optional but a cute touch)
Box of chocolate cake mix
tub of pink frosting.

Bake cupcakes as directed and let cool. Cut the tops off chocolate cupcakes, Frost the bottom half of the cupcake saving the top. Punch a heart shape using a cookie cutter, then replac the top onto the cupcake. Fill the heart with more frosting to create a beautiful color combination of dark brown & pink.

Cocoa with Marshmallow Hearts

You will need:
Hot Cocoa Mix
Tiny heart shaped cookie cutters
Red Mugs (optional but pretty presentation)

Make the hot cocoa mix as directed. cut the marshmallows in half to more easily be able to cut through them with the cookie cutter. punch through the marshmallow with the cookie cutter. Use both pieces of marshmallow to decorate the cocoa. 

Mini Valentine Message Cakes

You will need:
Mini heart shaped cake or muffin pans
Cake mix, any flavor
pastel icings or pastel fondant
reg tube of icing to write with
Smoothing knife or use the back of a butter knife

Make cake mix as directed bake and cool. Spread icing or fondant smoothly. Add your special messages (or maybe a marriage proposal...)

Heart Shaped Pancakes

You will need:
Pancake mix
A steady hand

Mix up the pancake mix as directed on package. Pour in a heart shape. Steady hands needed - you may have a few that don't turn out....but practice makes perfect and this is sure to make your hunny bunny start his day with a smile....and your little one's too!
Send us your Valentines Day recipes, pictures, ideas, information, and stories. We wanna hear from you! Happy Valentines Day.... 
~ Miss D'Lish

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